Feasibility Study and other services


Feasibility Study

While performing our feasibility study, we will  personally visits each site and we put our 28 years in the retail fuel industry to work for you to insure the highest accuracy and best use of the land for each site.  This study will give us the basis for the Business Plan and we will utilize it often in our convenience store consulting.    

 Using the latest industry, consumer trends reports and traffic data from NACS, OPIS, Claritas/Nielsen, Gallup, ESRI, et al, and our own proprietary computer model-NailedIt™-SFS insures that its projections and support data are the most accurate and current information available.  

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Business Plan

We assist clients in the preparation of professional business plans that get results as well as provide onsite management consulting.   Whether as a startup or a rapidly expanding company our experienced consultants empower our clients with an innovative business planning process that encourages creative and proactive thinking by all constituents. 


Owner's Representative

Sunflower Consulting Group specializes in Owner's Representation, taking your project from concept to reality.  We will assist in all phases, determining the scope of the project, design, budget, professionals like the Builder, Architect, and Engineers.  We will further assist you in the sourcing the money, in lender credit package, and other consulting regarding financial needs.  We are not a lender, but will can assist our clients as they seek financing.  

SCG will be a passionate advocate for your project, relentlessly pursuing the best value for each dollar. It is our opinion that you must start off strong and conservative so that you can keep your project on schedule and under budget. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by adhering to these principles. We have high expectations, and we will achieve great success with a results oriented mindset. 

Starting with the Feasibility Study, moving to the Business Plan, and onto convenience store consulting, we are representing you each step of the way.  

Operational Consulting

 SCG will work with vendors to achieve optimal sales and manage vendor contracts to take advantage of rebates or other incentives, which will result in more profits for ownership. SCG will assist ownership in hiring and training employees, continuing education, benefits package for management, and will assist in developing an employee manual. Sunflower Consulting Group looks forward to working with you to bring your concept to reality. 

Credit Card Payment Processing

Through FirstData, we offer Credit Card Processing.  

In today’s highly competitive and demanding market, choosing a strong partner in payment processing pays you big dividends. CardConnect (NASDAQ:CCN) is an innovative and rapidly growing U.S. based payment processing company. Founded in 2006, we help businesses accept any form of payment for goods and services. Our mission is to make accepting payments as simple and easy as possible for our customers. We do that by marrying personalized service with the most flexible technology platform available today. The result is a base of 65,000 (and growing) merchants who can concentrate on running their businesses without having to worry about payment processing.  

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Managed Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty will be the single most important addition you can add to your store.  When managed correctly, it will drive sales and increase profits while increasing the sanctification of each and every customer. This will tie into our Business Plan,Feasibility Study, and convenience store consulting.     

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Merchant Payment Processing

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