Credit card payment processing


Convenience Stores

We are set up with FirstData and 360 BizVue to provide credit card payment processing.  

Our mission is to make accepting payments as simple and easy as possible for our customers. We do that by marrying personalized service with the most flexible technology platform available today. The result is a base of 65,000 (and growing) merchants who can concentrate on running their businesses without having to worry about payment processing.

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 Customers now have the option to purchase Cannabis & CBD products using a Credit or Debit card.   This is new to merchant processing, so inquire for the details.  

Customer Service

Our Customized Approach We customize our payment processing platform for each of our customers. Whether the customer requires a simple terminal solution or complex software integration, CardConnect can fulfill any business's payment processing needs.All of our solutions are built around: Security — Our state-of-the-art gateway solution utilizes P2PE and tokenization; we also help our customers become PCI compliant. Business Intelligence — Among the most sophisticated in the country, our reporting system puts all of a customer’s payment information at their fingertips. Interchange Management — We are aggressive in managing interchange rates for our customers, with an eye towards minimizing fees and securing the lowest pricing possible. Honesty and Transparency — We walk our customers through every aspect of their payment processing program. Our fees are straightforward and our statements are easy to understand. If you have a question, we’re here to help.  Ask us for a no obligation merchant processing proposal.  


Sunflower Consulting Group has programs tailored to the Hospitality industry, let us show you what we can do for you.   One hotel to major chain we have a program for you.  Help us help you lower your rate.  Let us help you save on merchant processing fees today.

E Commerce

Sunflower Consulting Group  can help you with many different programs to help lower or eliminate most of your fees.  Ask for details on the cash discount program and other programs that will save you merchant processing fees.  

Merchant Payment Processing

Merchant Payment Processing for a wide range of industries, including Cannabis, Dispensaries, CBD Oils, as well as other retail and eCommerce businesses.  

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